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Gerry Cea released the album “Something New” in August 2019. It consists of 12 tracks, one of which is an acoustic version of another track. Overall, “Something New” is a well-produced album with a variety of tracks that is bound to please listeners.

The vocals are often accompanied by a mix of drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar. As the album progressed, I gained a general sense of what to expect out of the songs. This sense of familiarity helps define Gerry Cea as an artist and demonstrates how he has found a sound that works well for him. Still, the songs are clearly different enough such that none are rip-offs of the others. Additionally, the production fits Cea’s vocals well, sounding rather simple, with no signs of over-production. The album features a mix of acoustic and up-tempo songs, and two highlights are “Sad To Say Goodbye” and “Something New”.

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“Sad To Say Goodbye” starts out with an acoustic sound that transforms into a song with prominent usage of the electric guitar, including a guitar solo that serves the purpose of the bridge. In terms of melody, the chorus of this song is anthemic and sounds like something that would be a crowd-pleaser live.

“Something New” is the lead single. The music video, which you can find on YouTube (, is a reference to the Summit, where Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un had discussions of denuclearization. The song takes a universal concept and puts a spin on it, and producer Chris Price needs serious credit for that video.

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“Something New” is available for download on Bandcamp ( Follow Gerry Cea on Facebook ( for more information.


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