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JAMi2 Releases "What Do You Want?" Accidentally Causing Mass Outbreak Of Boogie Fever


THE BALKANS, 2019 - A strange vibration that leaves victims stompin', howlin', and swingin' is spreading from the hilltops of the Balkans. Large parts of Europe are already suffering from "boogie fever" as the vibration gets louder, with patients exhibiting broad grins, elevated heart rates, and restless feet.

The cause of these infectious funky soundwaves is a genetic mutation known as JAMi2. Authorities have identified the two mad musical scientists behind the outbreak: Georgie and Uncle.

Born into a family of classical musicians, Georgie has had musical superpowers from a young age, with lungs known to create their own weather patterns. As for Uncle, his musical journey began way back in the '90s, grinding on the organ before turning his attention to production and composition.

"We actually met while working together at a jam factory. One day, I just felt like saying "Man, I love jam," and Uncle, who speaks funny, said "Jam? I too!" Since then, we've been spreading our shared love for jammin' together, infecting one country at a time." - Georgie

Now, JAMi2 has released its first single: 'What Do You Want?' With its thumping beats, brassy riffs, and soulful vocals, people all over Europe have been asking "Was this mass outbreak caused by the illegitimate love-child of Parov Stelar and Amy Winehouse?" To date, scientists have been unable to confirm this theory.

JAMi2's diabolical master plan is to combine elements of gypsy jazz with soulful English vocals and an electro-swing beat in order to create a whole new East-meets-West sound.

"As someone who's been traveling the world in search of a proper boogie fever outbreak for centuries, let me tell you: It's about time somebody infected the world! And we won't stop until everyone's on their feet, screaming 'JAM? I TOO!'" - Uncle

So if you like dancing, singing, having a good time, and jammin', don't be alarmed by this outbreak - embrace the fever! We encourage you to check out the song below, feel the vibe, and get yourself infected with JAMi2's debut single "What do you want?"



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