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Label News (more headlines) 08-02-2018

Bongo Boy Records Out Of The Garage Volume Four By Various Garage Rockers “An Excellent Album” The Grouch Reviews.

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Email: info@bongoboyrecords.com
Website: http://bongoboyrecords.com/outofthegaragevolumefour/
Out Of The Garage Volume Four by Various Artists
Album Review by The Grouch

Bongo Boy Records Album Page: https://bongoboyrecords.com/outofthegaragevolumefour/

A short while ago my friends at Bongo Boy Records sent me a copy of the album Out Of The Garage Vol 4 and asked me to share my thoughts. This should be pretty easy as Garage Rock is one of my favorite genres. A solid case can be made that Garage Rock is the heart and soul of American Rock and Roll. What famous rocker did not start playing in a garage band?
I mean where exactly did all those 1950s Skiffle cats practice and play?

Track 1 - Great Balls of Fire - The New Bardots - Naturally I dig the version made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis, but this is one of the best covers I have heard. As far a pure guitar driven adrenalin The New Bardots blow Jerry Lee away. This is what makes this song so cool. They have the obligatory piano jam, and the band is locked in, but good God does that guitar sound great! Well done guys!

Track 2 - My Best Friend Died (And Left Me His Guitar) - Wood Shampoo - I am a huge fan of this band. Not only are they all very good players, but their lyrics usually make me laugh. Dudes, you have a sick sense of humor and I love it. Man, who can’t dig the intro to this song. Blasting power punk chords never sounded so good. In all, honesty this song is a bit sad as it sounds like the man is truly sad that his friend died. At least he is putting the guitar to good use as the solo in this song is blistering. This is a truly tight band that blows the roof off every time I hear them. I would love to see their live show! On a side note, if indeed your friend died, I am sorry for your loss. All I can say is I understand your pain. It was two years ago this month that my niece
Jennifer “Pixie Tourette” Nalley was murdered. The pain never goes away, but it does get easi-er.

Track 3 - Special Girl - The Most - I like the minimalist intro. In the background I hear some wicked jamming, but due to the way this was recorded it is a bit difficult to hear. The singer has a unique voice that I like. There is a Byrds feeling to this track that is very infectious. I really like when the tempo picks up and the lead guitar is easier to hear as he cranks out a fine solo. The unusual thing is the real jam doesn’t come until the end of the song, then suddenly the song is over.

Track 4 - Hey Louise -RGD - Oh yeah! These guys can sing - WELL. The melodic guitar com-bined with the vocals while the bass and drums lay down a solid bottom are what American Rock and Roll is famous for. So many American groups I dig have a knack for harmonies. I mean even the MC5, one of the original noise bands could sing well together. Harmonies and melodic vocals are not the only thing this song has going for it. At the 1:20 mark the bass takes the lead while the drummer backs him up - personally I think that is pretty cool! This is a good band.

Track 5 - Needle In A Mirror - The oOhz - Ok, off the bat these guys are interesting because I am not sure how to say their name. The guitar and drums at the beginning of the song are interesting. The singer has a unique voice that blends well with the soft guitar. I dig the walk down run that leads to a slight tempo increase before the band goes back into mellow mode. This is a very interesting song that makes me think of the very early Talking Heads.

Track 6 - Merry Go Round - Mark Lindsay - Mark Lindsay, if you don’t know was the vocalist in Paul Revere & the Raiders. In all honesty, before I heard his solo album released on Bongo Boy whenever I thought of that band I thought of silly hats. Then I listened to his album Life Out Loud and was blown away. This man can ROCK. Simply put, do you like the Kinks? If you do, you will like this song. I happen to really like the Kinks and no matter how many times I listen to this song I can’t get the Kinks out of my head

Track 7 - Belle Of The Ball - The Chillers - I like the opening guitar and the way the band comes in one at a time. Then the drummer comes in and BOOM this turns into a very rocking song indeed. He adds the groove and some really nice fills that seem to make everyone in the group perk up a bit. I like the lyrics a lot and the singers voice works well with this song. This is a very good song, by a bunch of guys who seem to be having a lot of fun!

Track 8 - Carte Blanche - Spyder Darling - This is COOL! I like the LOUD yet simple chord Progression while the guitar throws in very short leads here and there. Is this song difficult? No, but so what? The singer has ATTITUDE and the band is making a ton of NOISE! The solo is really cool as suddenly they go into a surf groove before the singer goes back to calling some girl is angry with a Cockroach. Ewww, dude, tell us how you really feel? Overall, this is an ex-cellent song!

Track 9 - Darlin - Franki Dennull - What is this?? I hear some wicked blues harp opening up this track. The exchange between the singers is fantastic as the band grinds out some old school blues. I am very impressed! This song has a tremendous amount of soul. I dig this so much that this song is going on my personal play list for the car (I drive a lot!) At the 2:07 mark some-thing unexpected happens. The guitar opens up with a massive jam and the band goes from mellow Chicago blues to a blues based Rock and Roll band! Their ax man can make it SCREAM. Then the harp is back and the band ends with a very mellow groove. This could be the best track on the album.

Track 10 - Butterscotch - Vic Cappetta - Oh yeah! I dig a good horn section! This song is really cool because the guitar and horn are trading licks while the drummer lays down a killer beat!
This is exactly why I always thought there should have been an electric guitar in Jazz Band in high school. I mean, that horn wails, but when the electric guitar answers back I can’t help smiling that big goofy grin I get when I really dig what I am hearing. Wicked tune, absolutely wicked!

Track 11 - There's The Door - Nick Marr - Very nice syncopated beat at the beginning. Then the guitar comes in and screams raunchiness! This is cool and makes me smile. I like the singer’s voice; it goes well with this song. His voice is gritty and the anger is simply overflowing! It seems that Nick broke up with some girl and wants the world to know about it. I particularly like the blues based leads that come in towards the middle of the track. There is a slight break before the drummer starts up the beat again - I have to give Nick an A+ for a lyric I have never heard before: “You’d make a great first wife.” Ouch! This song is killer!!

Track 12 - Hips Lips and Eyes - Maryann - I really like Maryann. This song is a seduction
Manual - pure and simple. The thing is that the music is also very well played and Maryann has a very good voice. I can see this being played in a smoky club in the early morning. Maryann rocks and seems like a really fun girl!

Track 13 - Ridge Riders Run - Bobby Rue - This song is very special as Bobby was a great musician and as I got to know him as a person, I realized that more than being just a talented player Bobby was a warm human being. I was saddened to hear of his passing. This track is classic Bobby I am such a sucker for a harp and that Country influenced guitar. This is American Rock and Roll. The lyrics are about cruising from town to town with the hammer down and the guitar, even when he is throwing lightning bolts has a decidedly Country flavor to it. Over-all, this is an excellent track and I am so happy that my friend’s music lives on.

Track 14 - The Weight is There (Upon Your Shore) - Above The Sun - This is another Bongo-Boy band that I dig. The intro is very melodic, in fact hauntingly so. The singer is singing some very deep words as he sings about the possibility of becoming homeless, a fact that is all to real to most Americans. This isn’t simply a deep song comprised of social commentary, the guitar rocks in parts as he hits those power chords and opens up with a massive jam that makes me smile!!
The band is tight, they rock, and the lyrics are deep. Excellent song!

Track 15 - Temptation - Susan SurfTone - Another track from one of my favorite Bongo Boy Artists - the talented Ms Surftone. Susan can play guitar well! Most of her stuff, as her name Implies is surf based and this song is no exception. She lays down a wicked surf solo while be-ing backed by a band that is spot-on tight. I really like the fills her drummer is laying down. As for the lyrics, this is a love song, but what matters the most to me is that the vocals sound good. All in all, this is what I have come to expect from Susan. That is, a very tight jam with a blis-tering surf inspired solo. Well done!

So folks, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is this: Each track on this album is very good. Some are a bit rougher than others and some are more complicated than others, but each and every track, when taken on its own terms rocks! This is an excellent album.

The Grouch | in the Rockies

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